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The change starts with us

By the end of 2016, I made the decision to directly involve in Romania’s system change. I clearly understand that change starts with us all and that this requires lots of time, work and devotion. Only together we can make a difference and build the country that offers at least a basic level of human dignity for all people.  

I strongly believe in Romania’s potential to be a more democratic society, a place where social justice and human rights are respected. I believe in a society with #0ToleranceForViolence and without corruption, a country that will help us all grow not worrying about an unpredictable and ineffective system.

In January 2016, during The Cioloș Cabinet, I became an Adviser to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Relations with the Business Environment, also the Deputy Prime-Minister and I took over the role of Chief of Staff at InvestRomania in February of the same year. Together with my team we managed to increase the rate of foreign investment by 20% when compared to the previous year, which led to the creation of approximately 50 000 new jobs.

Things like this are giving me energy and hope to believe that together we can be the change that Romania needs. We know we are stronger together. We saw that since the first day of #Colectiv protests and #Rezist Movement. The tough reality is that 3.4 million Romanians left the country in the last 10 years. Now it’s time to take action! 

Let’s use every day we have to prove that it’s possible to make a change and that our goals will define our country. Each day and each action are an investment in our future and Romania’s progress. 

I am Oana Bîzgan, Member of the Romanian Parliament and I want to build a better future for each of us all. 

My Priorities
Romanians who left in 10 years
Unemployment among young people
Hospitals with 1 and 2 seismic risk
From total revenues owned by 10% companies

My Term’s Priorities


Este în interesul fiecăruia dintre noi, mai ales economic, ca toți membrii societății să fie implicați și productivi, să-și poată aduce contribuția la valoarea creată în România.

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1 din 2 tineri sub 24 ani trăiesc în condiții de sărăcie. Tinerii și copiii de astăzi sunt cetățeni cu normă întreagă și au nevoie de un cadru prielnic pentru a construi România de mâine.

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Avem penultima speranță de viață medie (75 ani) din UE din pricina unei distribuții ineficiente a resurselor. Momentan alocăm doar 4% din PIB domeniului sănătății.

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Trebuie să folosim avantajele competitive din diferite sectoare pentru a repoziționa România ca un actor esențial pe lanțul de valoare european și global.

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We need to build a better future

Together we can make a difference in Romania! Join my team!


Each day and each action are an investment in our future

and Romania’s national progress.

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Let’s start working! We still have:


Let’s change Romania together!

Don’t forget that great things are not made by a single individual! Let’s use every day we have to prove that it’s possible to make a change and that our goals will define our country. Come join my team

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