“Promoting Integrity in Governance to Combat Political Corruption”

On June 27, 2017, during the Strasbourg Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) session in Strasbourg, Mrs. Oana Mioara Bîzgan-Gayral, MP, Member of the Delegation of the Romanian Parliament to PACE, and Chair of the Commission for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men The Chamber of Deputies, intervened in the debate on “Promoting integrity in governance to combat political corruption”.

combaterea corupției politice parlamentar oana bizgan

“I believe that education and civic action are long-term winning strategies”

In her speech, Madame MP highlighted the fact that promoting integrity is a priority for all political parties. Corruption is the most important enemy of democracy. She stressed the idea that “some people claim that it is impossible to eradicate corruption, because it’s an inheritance. I refuse to believe that. It is not normal that, after so many years, we fail to take responsibility and fight it once and for all. It has been the drama of many generations, but for young Europeans, this struggle is about the future of each of us. I believe that education and civic action are long-term winning strategies, “said Mrs. Bîzgan-Gayral.

In this context, she underlined that Romania enjoyed significant support in the fight against corruption by joining the European Union and other international organisations. “There has been much progress and I am proud that Romanian society rejects corruption as a disease.” At the same time, the Romanian MP referred to the corruption scandals in Europe and throughout the world and specified that “we must act now to stop the phenomenon of corruption. It depends on us and no one else will do it for us. ” “We must feel proud and worthy of ourselves, of our mission and, most important, of our people”, the Romanian MPs concluded.