OECD Forum 2017: “Inclusive Growth and Development”

On June 6 and 7, I attended the OECD Forum 2017 in Paris. High officials and members of royal houses from around the world, politicians, representatives of the business community and civil society attended as well.

Discussions have taken place under the auspices of diversity and mobilization for the benefit of all, through inclusive development and sustainable economies. The speeches were inspirational, but my approach was pragmatic.

Forumul OECD 2017 deputat oana bizgan

Only if we work together we can attain a realistic change!

We all know what needs to be done. But we need to talk less and work harder! Without further splitting, no matter what considerations, to appreciate what each of us has best to offer and to put this diversity at work. By working honestly together, we can achieve a sustainable and realistic change. It does not matter which side of the barrier we are. It is important to put an end to extremist attitudes and to build together a better future on medium and long term!

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