The child protection system – current situation, problems, solutions

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The child protection system-current situation, problems, solutions What is the protection system? Which institutions represent it? Which laws give it its legal character? The public system of child protection is a governmental mechanism that who has to find solutions for the children who cannot live in their biological families.

Sex crimes against children in Romania

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[:ro] Sex crimes against children – No jail time for fathers who sexually abuse their children Cases when parents abuse their children, get a suspended sentence and keep their parental rights – like those presented by Libertatea newspaper – are numerous in Romania, being a terribly common phenomenon in our country.

Voted by Romanian Senate: free access to health care for children without IDs

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[:ro] Voted by Romanian Senate: free access to healthcare for children without IDs  The bill that will provide free access to healthcare for children without IDs, initiated by Romanian MP Oana Bîzgan was submitted to the vote of the Senate on Monday, October 29, 2018. The senators voted unanimously in favor – 98 votes. The decisional vote will come from the General Assembly.   The aim

Adopted by Parliament – equal access to education for children without ID

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[:ro] Adoptat de Parlament – acces egal la educație pentru copiii fără CNP și fără acte de identitate  Inițiativa legislativă depusă de către deputata independentă Oana Bîzgan împreună cu alte peste 60 de parlamentare din toate formațiunile politice, prin care se solicită accesul la educație pentru copiii care nu au un CNP