Sex crimes against children in Romania

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[:ro] Sex crimes against children – No jail time for fathers who sexually abuse their children Cases when parents abuse their children, get a suspended sentence and keep their parental rights – like those presented by Libertatea newspaper – are numerous in Romania, being a terribly common phenomenon in our country.

Voted by Romanian Senate: free access to health care for children without IDs

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[:ro] Voted by Romanian Senate: free access to healthcare for children without IDs  The bill that will provide free access to healthcare for children without IDs, initiated by Romanian MP Oana Bîzgan was submitted to the vote of the Senate on Monday, October 29, 2018. The senators voted unanimously in favor – 98 votes. The decisional vote will come from the General Assembly.   The aim

Adopted by Parliament – equal access to education for children without ID

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[:ro] Adoptat de Parlament – acces egal la educație pentru copiii fără CNP și fără acte de identitate  Inițiativa legislativă depusă de către deputata independentă Oana Bîzgan împreună cu alte peste 60 de parlamentare din toate formațiunile politice, prin care se solicită accesul la educație pentru copiii care nu au un CNP

Promoting gender equality in politics – official letter to the European leaders

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Promoting gender equality in politics - official letter to the European leaders We are half a year away from the next European Parliament elections. From local, national to the European level, women are underrepresented in the process of decision-making and in political life. I addressed an official letter to the

International adoption – a real chance for #HardToPlaceNotHardToLove Romanian children

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Romanian Senate votes a new adoption law. International adoption – a real chance for #HardToPlaceNotHardToLove Romanian children The Senate voted today 28th of November 2018, with unanimity of votes, the bill initiated by the Romanian Government, that improves the adoption process. The purpose of this bill is to ease the

Victims do not have to pay abusively

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Victimele nu trebuie să plătească abuziv Asistența medicală reprezintă una dintre responsabilitățile de bază ale societății față de populație. Această responsabilitate e cu atât mai importantă în cazurile în care un accident sau un act de violență afectează viața sau integritatea corporală a unei persoane. Serviciile medicale de

America’s midterm elections – a new era for women in politics

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[:en] Midterm elections – record number of female candidates for Congress November 6th, 2018 was the date of midterm elections in United States. These elections are very important for America’s politics, not only because they have the power to change the political orientation of the Congress, but because they are considered