In search of tomorrow’s politician

“Decât o Revistă” magazine together with Global Shapers Bucharest HUB held in March a debate on “Looking for tomorrow’s politician”, which was based on the article with the same name published by Ana Maria Luca in the DoR magazine.

în căutarea politicianului de mâine oana bizgan

Why did young people decide to get involved in a government without political color?

Politicians are essential for a coherent national project. The large number and the enthusiasm of young professionals who participated in a public sector in 2016 in a technocratic government, as well as the large number of young people who manifested in Victory Square in February 2017, accusing the lack of confidence in politicians raises questions about who are Romania’s political leaders of tomorrow. Why did they decide to get involved in a government without political color and what stopped them from joining before, or even more recently, a political party? How does the political class take shape in Romania? What is the trajectory of the young people who decide to take this step and who prepares them for the responsibilities of the government? In short, how does a political leader grow in Romania and what can we expect from tomorrow’s politicians?

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