Political Statement on LGBTQIA + Rights

In my political declaration in Parliament on May 26th, I stressed my respect for any kind of love. Also, as Chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission, MP and human, I support everyone’s freedom to manifest their affection for their loved ones.

“Please close your eyes and think about your partner, your husband or your wife. Please try to figure out how you would feel if you could not show the affection for that person. If you could not care for her or be cared for if you suffer. If your work and the properties you buy together can not be shared, if you can not do something together, build a home, etc. If the laws of the country where you live and work, if your country would ask you to pay taxes, it would require you to respect your obligations, but it would not give you any rights.

drepturile persoanelor LGBTQIA+ deputat Oana Bizgan

At least 800,000 Romanians are in this situation

According to the 2011 census, there are at least 800,000 Romanians in this situation. Obviously, their number is much higher now, 6 years later. In addition, we know that not all Romanian citizens participated in the census and not all respondents agreed to declare their marital status at that time.

As Chair of the Committee on Equal Opportunities, MP and HUMAN, I remind you that we also have a parliamentary duty towards these citizens. It is up to us to ensure that the Romanian state creates the legal conditions for them to enjoy the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the supreme law in a democratic country. It is up to us to ensure that these people are not discriminated against in any field, according to the treaties to which Romania adhered.

LGBTI fundamental rights are not respected in our country

However, we must acknowledge that LGBTQIA + fundamental rights of are not respected in our country. People in this community are not even protected against speeches of incitement to hatred and homophobic violence. I confess that I have regretted that even in the Romanian Parliament LGBTI people do not enjoy the same respect as heterosexuals. 

It is regrettable that when we talk about family or traditional values ​​we forget that the only things that should not be missing from any relationship are respect and love – nothing else. We forget that we need to support the relationships built on these foundations, no matter what kind of partner orientation. Moreover, we have the legal responsibility to do that. All the more considering how cruel reality is. We are already confronted with alarming proportions of domestic violence, the risk of poverty and school dropout, hundreds of thousands of children with parents who have left abroad, thousands of abandoned children, thousands of children who have children, and so on. This is the reality. Here are the real problems of the family that should concern us. Not what intimate orientation or behavior people should have in their private lives.

Let’s fight together!

I love freedom – that’s why I invite you to fight and vote together!

I respect the right to love. Everyone is free to love whoever, when and how he wants. I respect mothers and fathers who grow up their children alone or as a couple. I respect the women and men who develop and fulfill without getting married. I respect the couples who choose not to marry, but live happily together. I respect people who include in their family relatives distant, old friends, even pets. Beyond the form of organization, number of its members, any other criteria, a family is based on love, respect, understanding and caring for the other.

I hope we will find together the wisdom and the key factors to make sure that love overcomes hatred. I hope because we are all people, we are all citizens, we are all in Europe, in 2017, in the cradle of democracy and human rights.”

egalitatea de șanse și discriminarea oana bizgan

Punctele atinse în discuție

Discuțiile au atins multe puncte relevante în ceea ce privește cadrul legislativ, politicile publice, activitățile întreprinse de autoritățile și organizațiile din domeniu. Temele au fost diverse:

  • violența împotriva femeilor

  • participarea femeilor în politică

  • reprezentarea femeilor în roluri de decizie la nivel înalt

  • bugetul dedicat egalității de șanse

Cu acest prilej am reușit să reunim actori importanți din aria egalității de gen și de șanse, să ne împărtășim activitatea și expertiza și să punem bazele unei colaborari strânse în anii ce urmează. Dorința este ca aceasta să fie doar prima dintr-un lung șir de dezbateri care vor avea loc în Parlamentul României, cu urmări concrete și practice.

Deputat Oana Bizgan


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