The Program “One family, one house” should also be accessible to people belonging to vulnerable categories

Changes made to the government program “One family, one house” aim not only to change the conditions under which the loans will be granted, but also the categories of beneficiaries who will be able to access them. According to some amendments proposed to the Government’s draft by MP Oana Bîzgan, people from vulnerable categories will be able to access the credits for the purchase or extension of the house and will benefit from the necessary conditions so that the principle of equal opportunities is ensured.

The main change from MP Oana Bîzgan refers to the extension of the term “eligible income”. Until now, people with disabilities did not have access to this program, because their allowances were not considered eligible income. The submitted amendments consider of all forms of support received from the state, according to the regulations on social assistance. Thus, the people in these categories will have access to credit solutions for the purchase of their first home, under the conditions enjoyed by other Romanians.

“The measure complements two other legislative initiatives that we have submitted to the Parliament that refer to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities and will apply to all people belonging to vulnerable groups, including young people leaving the protection system, people with low incomes or other groups of persons, as provided by the legislation in force. In this mandate, I set out to do everything in my power so that people with disabilities or other people in vulnerable categories can really benefit from equal opportunities. According to data from the first six months of this year, Romania has 826,197 persons with disabilities, and over 50% are young people and adults (18-64 years). It is unfair for a person with disabilities to not be able to access the same credit solutions as any other citizen.” says MP Oana Bîzgan.

Moreover, in order for this process to represent a real support of the people belonging to vulnerable categories, the changes proposed consist of a reduction by 2% of the interest rate of the granted credit, as well as the 100% guarantee for the mortgages obtained by the persons within the program. The set of amendments was submitted in the Chamber of Deputies, receiving today a positive report from the Committee on Budget, Finance and Banks. The project is currently under emergency procedure and will be voted in the Chamber of Deputies in the next period.Oana Bîzgan is an MP and Young Global Leader, member of the Commission for Chance Equality for Women and Men. She is the head of a series of ambitious legislative initiatives, such as the law on street harassment, on raising the age when children from the protection system can be sent to resident-type centers, the establishment of a national registry of sex offenders, on access to education for children without an ID, the punishment of moral harassment in the work place, but also modifications regarding the law on adoptions. More information on