International Women’s Day

I invite you to remember all the women you have met and that do their work responsibly, irrespective of the domain they activate in. Surely you know at least one female doctor, female teacher, female firefighter, female entrepreneur, military woman, female accountant and so on, who everyday goes to work knowing that a job done well can have a positive impact on other people’s lives. Moreover, let us not forget about an extremely important aspect: after their work schedule, many of these women go back home where, often times, they take on a different series of responsibilities – the ones related to caring for the children and the home. According to the customs coming from a generation to the other, the domestic responsibilities are in most cases a woman’s task.

The mindset regarding this subject must keep up with the evolution in society. The efforts made in the sense of reducing the differences between men and women in the professional life, must be doubled by an equilibrium regarding the personal and family life, so that both women and men can take advantage of their professional potential, without being constrained to give up on the family life.

And because today I chose to mention the women who fight to bring change to the world around them, I want to remind you of the two initiatives that were submitted by women MPs exclusively. Those were the first of this kind in the Romanian Parliament: free access to education for children without a IDs the increase from 3 to 7 years old at which children in the protection system are sent to live in residential-type services. This kind of collaboration is the example that all women need to understand that they can and they must work together in order to reach their goals.

I wish to thank you, my dear female colleagues, for our collaboration and, allow me to thank our male colleagues too, for the support of the two initiatives and to express my hope that we can collaborate as well for future legislative projects as well. Last but not least, allow me to wish “Happy International Women’s Day!” to all the women in Romania and all around the World!