No hate, no fear! Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

The second session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg took place in April. There, I had an intervention on “Protecting Refugee Women Against Gender Violence”.

I believe that population migration is a phenomenon that cannot be fully controlled. The best way to protect refugee women against gender-based violence is that each MP should ensure that national legislation is aligned with the Istanbul Convention. We also need to make sure that its provisions are respected. Recent cases show that society is in decline in terms of gender equality. The number of acts of violence against women is steadily increasing.

Cine sunt parlamentar Oana Bizgan

The Istanbul Convention risks to remain just a noble aspiration

“Populist politicians promote and cultivate family patterns that are out of date. In most cases, more and more frequent intrinsic demagogy explicitly encourages violence at all levels of society, attempting to reduce women’s status only at the level of reproduction and care of the household. (…) The Istanbul Convention risks remaining just a noble aspiration for the great mass of women around the world if we do not transform the principles and standards of the Convention into strong action. “

You can watch the video of the Parliamentary Assembly by clicking here. My intervention is at 1:08:10.

You can view the dedicated press release by clicking here.