Preventing and combating violence against women

On May 24, we co-organized, together with the Spanish Embassy in Bucharest, the National Agency for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (ANES) and the Network for the Prevention and Combating of Violence Against Women the seminar titled “National Police and Spanish Legislation Face to Face with the Violence Against Women “.At the time of the seminar we expected the draft amendment to the Law 217/2003 on the prevention and combating of domestic violence.

combaterea violenței împotriva femeilor deputat oana bizgan

Women in Romania must be protected!

Also, one of the priorities of my mandate at the Committee on Gender Equality between the Chamber of Deputies is to find the measures to overcome this phenomenon and to really protect women in Romania.

Ms. Chief-Inspector Elena Palacios presented the competences of the UFAM within the Spanish National Police in the field of domestic violence, gender and sexual violence. She also presented various ways to prevent, investigate and repress these crimes. The problem and the assistance and protection offered to the victims were raised.

Spain is a model worthy to follow. We are grateful to our partners for their support in a long and fruitful collaboration. I hope that the exchange of experience and good practices will soon be in the work of the Romanian authorities.